Johann Deufel GmbH

Where precision has a long tradition 



The area of Tuttlingen has always been synonymous with medical engineering, surgical instruments, implants and innovative precision engineering; outward looking, internationally operating and respected worldwide. Today more than 400 companies are operating here in the field of development, production and trade in medical engineering products.


Since 1942, when the company “Johann Deufel Chirurgische Instrumente” was founded, our operation has been closely associated with the quality seal “made in Tuttlingen” and the ability to adapt to changing market and production conditions. Even back then our founding fathers realized very quickly: everything that has to be done manually with regard to machining and milling technology is time-consuming and cost-intensive.

Hence "process optimization in our own company" started with the development and manufacture of our own tools and components, continued with the construction of special feeding devices for milling and grinding machines and is shown today amongst other things in demanding automation solutions on the basis of robot technology.

As a result of the increasing miniaturization of components the business division "Microproduction" has been developed. Small modules are manufactured at highest precision level. Production technologies need to be transformed to processes suitable for serial production but also the production and assembly of small batch sizes and high variety of parts must be guaranteed. And our production concepts and manual assembly work stations can provide this.